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Welcome to the QWC Wiki!

This is the wiki about Quincy's World of Countryballs, usually shortened to QWC. We have moved here because the owner Bcohen (benicio8gamer) is inactive on Fandom, and because we could not shield the old wiki. This is not a copy of the old QWC Wiki. It was just moved here, as adoption of the old wiki would be complicated. Many splinters of the old wiki have been created.

What's Quincy's World of Countryballs?

Quincy's World of Countryballs is a former popular Roblox CBRPG game, which was ruled by QuincyGlobal (now NLQuincy). Established around 2017 before it became popular. It started growing in 2019 with 3D countryballs and a few maps. It started gaining a bigger playerbase after the release of Euro Map.

Why should I contribute to this wiki?

On the old QWC Wiki, there were no staff members, just the wiki owner Bcohen, who became inactive. Here, we have 7 staff members (including the wiki owner, jovidmtp). Right now, we have stability, and we are currently importing content from the old QWC Wiki. There is moderation of content here, so less offensive content and less vandalization will stay on the wiki and the forum.

What subjects are covered on this wiki?

Everything related to QWC, except:

  • Pages for players not notable enough. A normal roleplayer who did not influence QWC and who is not known by many people should not have a page.
  • Pages for allied groups outside of QWC (like CBNRP).
  • Pages for events. These should be located in the History section of the game where the event occurred.
  • Pages for maps. This should be in Maps of QWC.
  • Pages for ranks. This should be in Ranks of QWC.
  • Pages for morphs. This should be in Morphs of QWC
  • Pages or content promoting a game. This has happened before, but it shall not happen again.

Where can I play QWC?

Sadly, the official QWC was closed in July 2, 2021, but we have an exact copy here.


We have 149 pages in the QWC Wiki.

In the news

  • MQWC celebrates its 4-year anniversary. Happy anniversary, MQWC!
  • KaiserCreeper79, the creator of Creeper's Countryball World, joins the QWC Historians.
  • This website changes its theme for the 4th time, but possibly the last time.
  • More notable QWC community members join the QWCH.


Join now!

This wiki is far from done, but you could help by joining it!

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Update Log

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